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A complete and easy to use digital solution to deliver 3D printed custom orthoses

We are A High-Precision 3D Printed Custom Orthotic Solution that Delivers Consistent, Repeatable and Efficient Care.

“My patients are very satisfied with their Arize orthotics, and they love the technology. The solution practically sells itself and the visualizations from the 3D foot scans generate a lot of excitement and dialog. In certain cases a picture really is worth…well, you know.”

Dr. Howard Gale, Ankle and Foot Associates

Low Return Rate

2 weeks turnaround time

Flat Rate Pricing

Superior Care Starts with Precise Scanning

What’s included

An end-to-end solution fo scanning, prescribing, and ordering custom foot orthoses.

3D Scanning Technology

Precise, quick and unintrusive 3D Scanning.

Powered to Perform
Our energy efficiency experts will assess your property and recommend tailored solutions to maximize energy savings.
Security you Trust

Professional, high quality, custom orthoses with proven efficacy.

Prescribe orthoses, in as little as 5 minutes
 Innovative orthotic designs using 3D printing

Watch how it works

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